Sunday, July 12, 2009

GoodBelly's are Good in the Belly!

This is a post dedicated to my love for GoodBelly's! I can't get enough of them. I have sampled both the GoodBelly Plus and one of the regular kind.
For the GoodBelly Plus I first had the Strawberry flavor. The flavor was good for me, but I am a person who doesn't like chunky yogurt of seeds in anything, so the strawberry seeds threw me off. But I would definitely drink this flavor again. It was very good!
Next I tried the Blueberry flavor, I didn't like this flavor as much as the strawberry. This one also had seeds in it. But the flavor just wasn't for me.
Lastly I tried the Peach Mango, which is by far my favorite flavor! Its so smooth and not too sweet. I get this one all the time. I also like the fact that these GoodBelly Plus flavors have vitamins in them too. So you get an added benefit from drinking these little guys. Plus how can you not feel good drinking out of a smiley face?

The larger sizes just showed up in my Co-op in the last couple of weeks. I have so far tried only the Mango flavor. I LOVED it! I put it in my Green Monsters and it made them so so so much better! It added a nice tropical sweet flavor. Plus I also tried the drink straight up and it was so good! I can't wait to try the other flavors in the larger sized containers!

I highly encourage everyone to try GoodBelly's if they can get their hands on them. I have been asked to get some for friends who cannot get to the Co-op who have tried mine because they also love them!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

CSA Week 3

Welcome back Amanda. Boy I've had zero time this week! I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. I brought CSA salads all three nights. Of course I was running late and didn't get a picture of even one!

My sister picked my goodies up this past Wednesday. I got a head of boston lettuce (will have to make something with lettuce wraps), swiss chard, scallions, 2 tomatoes, potatoes, snap peas, and 2 different kinds of radishes.
Its still been raining and cold here in NH, not good for growing. Yesterday was the first nice day since May!! Hopefully it will bring a trend of nice warm sunny days for growing!

Last night I went out for Thai food. It was only the second time I've had Thai food. I had Pad Thai with shrimp. It was so good. But again, I'm not comfortable taking pictures in public, nor on a date.

On the Amazing Grass front...I have already found things I love and others that I don't really care for. Look for a formal review probably next week!