Friday, May 29, 2009

The Big Green!

Well today was much better for me! I still feel really congested, but its getting better! I didn't eat breakfast because I wasn't hungry, I know that's very bad. I hate doing that. But by noon I was feeling like I wanted soup (I wanted some yesterday) and I needed some veggies so I went to the store. On the way I had a ginger snap Larabar.
The store didn't have the kind of soup I wanted. I really wanted chicken tortilla soup, but I settled on this
In the bowl it doesn't look very appetizing at all!
It was alright. Definitely not my favorite Amy's soup, but I thought I would try something new. I also got veggie barley for when another soup desire hits!
When I got home my Vitacost box was on the porch with this in it
YAY!!! I was so happy!!! Also some sunscreen and banana chips. The doggies tasted the chips and gave them 4 paws and 1 nub up! I love this flavor of protein powder with frozen mango!
I found something fun at the store and had to get it. I had never seen it before...but does that mean its brand new or I just walked by with a blind eye?Um Hello YUM!!!It is so tasty!! I had some after my dinner with some Green Mountain Corn Strips. I am pretty sure I can make this myself, but I had never thought of it. I will be trying it this week because I already ate 1/2 of this tub!!!
For dinner tonight I made a stir-fry over Kashi grains. I just used some broccoli, carrot, and 1/2 of a red pepper. The Kashi was very good! I had never had it before. I saved the left over to put in my oats tomorrow morning! The sauce I used was a Seeds of Change simmer sauce, I can't remember which one, but it was very spicy! Helped clear out my sinuses!
For dessert I decided to try something I have seen here in "blogland". A Green Monster!
It was very good! Tastier than I thought it would be! I used....
  • a handful of spinach
  • a banana
  • 1/4 of an avocado
  • about a cup of almond milk
  • a few pieces of frozen tropical fruit

I was swayed by the raves of clear skin and lots of energy! lets see if that holds true! I would love it if my skin cleared up with the help of drinking one of these everyday! It also helped calm my stomach from the antibiotics tearing it up this evening.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No pic post

I have been feeling really bad the past couple of days. Boo! I finally went to the Dr's today and found out I have a sinus infection. I went all winter and didn't get sick, now I get a staph infection in my lips and a sinus infection!

Anyhow, I have been just munching on weird stuff the past few days. Lots of popsicles and lemon tea mostly.

Today to go to the Dr's I had to go to my parents because that is where all my Dr's are. I got up and got ready and made a spiru-tein blueberry's n cream smoothie with soy milk (which I'm drinking now, hehe) and threw my Element bar in my bag. I ate the bar in the car. I couldn't taste anything so I'm not really sure how it was. I think I like Larabars better though. I should custom make some Element bars and see how those are.

This afternoon after the walk in center (my Dr's office couldn't get me in so I had to go there), my mom brought me to Moe's for lunch. It was so yummy, they are my favorite sandwiches. We just go in and say "One of mine please" and one of mine is a full veggie, no cheese (always been that way since I was little), with extra olives and spicy oil! YUMMY!!

I snoozed on the couch in the afternoon. My mom picked my sister up from school and brought her to their house since her car was in the shop, so I got to see her for a while. We are going out this Saturday night! When my dad got home he wanted to go out to dinner and wanted Outback. So we went there and I got the Outback Special with a salad (forgot to ask for no cheese or head is all full of snot for crying out loud) and fresh steamed veggies. It was pretty good.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll be back to normal feeling and taking pictures and back to normal eating again. My friend said this is just what I be sick, not eating and loosing more weight! But my pina colada spiru-tein should be arriving tomorrow...YAY!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Village Pizza Treats!

Despite my very sore throat I needed some yummy food to make my tummy happy. I have been craving a grinder (yes I live in NH, so that's what we call them!) for a while now, so I got one. Plus an antipasto salad which was not the best, but it hit the spot.
Here is the salad

Here is 1/2 of it on my plate all tossed up and with some of the balsamic dressingI just wished they used better lettuce than iceberg...Oh well, it was still yummy!

Here is my grinder. I got an Italian without cheese

I have only eaten 1/2 of it also. But I'm sure I'll be hungry a little later because I haven't eaten anything all day.

To wash all this down of course I had to have an Orangina, not the best choice with a sore throat, but its what I always get when I get food from Village Pizza!

Roasted Potatoes

Well I worked all weekend. I made this salad to bring with me all weekend. It was packed with good veggies and protein to fuel me all night long.

  • It is loaded with whole wheat couscous
  • red pepper
  • olives
  • zucchini
  • grape tomatoes
  • scallions
  • Italian baked tofu
  • extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar

When I got home yesterday my throat started hurting. I took some tylenol and went to bed. When I got up it was a little worse. By evening it was hurting so bad I could hardly swallow or even talk. I was hungry though so I made this

A nitrate free all beef hot dog (I stole it out of the frozen ones for the doggies treats) with barbecue sauce on it and some roasted sweet and yukon gold potatoes. They were so good, but hurt going down! After that I had several juice popcicles to try and soothe my throat. Oh and some more tylenol and advil.

Today my throat is worse. I had a popcicle for breakfast when I got up. Then for lunch I made a hemp smoothie with frozen mango. I went to get the mail and this was there

Its an Element Bar , I'm very excited to try it once my throat stops hurting! If I like it, I'm going to create some just for me!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I did a bad bad, very bad thing

I ate dairy. I went to Grand Rounds Wednesday morning to listen to a visiting professor talk about pediatric ethics. Well then I had 3 hours to kill before she talked again at noon conference. So what are two nurses to do...why go into Hanover (where Dartmouth college is) and go out to breakfast of course! I decided to go balls to the walls and get the breakfast quesadilla, it had sausage, peppers, salsa, eggs, guacamole, and....cheese and sour cream!!! I know I should have asked for no cheese or sour cream...but for some reason I didn't.

Well...Then we mulled around Hanover in the little shops for a while. We ended up in the Dartmouth bookstore looking at books. I really thought we were going to either have to camp out there for a while or go back to the hospital so I could use the bathroom in the PICU. But I made it and we went back on time.

By the time we got back to the hospital I was so sick to my stomach and thought I was going to throw up. We went to the PICU and I got ginger ale. At the noon conference they had pizza for all the doctors and water. I grabbed a water. I couldn't even think about eating anything because my stomach felt so bad!

When I got home I had plans to go join the gym, but I had to take a nap because I just felt so awful! I slept until 4 then got up to feed the dogs. I still didn't feel like eating anything.

At about 5:30 I figured I should make something to eat so I made this

Oven roasted zucchini and barbecue beans. They were just enough to make my poor tummy feel full without making it more upset. The combo was quite tasty too!

I am never ever eating dairy again! This was a good lesson for me and a good challenge too.

Oh did I mention the huge cystic acne that seems to have developed on my chin again since Wednesday? I mean I have one cyst that takes up almost my whole chin plus three others. Yeah...not happy about that either!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Week!

This past week has been very busy. I worked two nights and had a class in the middle. Switching my schedule around like that is very hard. It makes me very tired because my body doesn't know what way is up!

I worked Monday night and made a salad and some pasta for dinner for work. I didn't really have a chance to eat anything though because I was really busy with a difficult patient.

This pasta was easy:
  • garlic
  • onion
  • diced tomato
  • capers

I didn't get to eat my salad until I got home in the morning. I had it with my favorite Annie's Woodstock Dressing!


I wasn't hungry Tuesday at all. I just had a baked sweet potato for dinner. I had to get up early because I had to go to bed early so I could get up early for class.


I had class Wednesday. It was at the hotel across the street from the hospital and the hotel supplied us with the food. I had made myself a smoothie before I left. It was spiru-tien chocolate and banana with soy milk...I was running late so didn't take a picture. But they had a full breakfast. I had a huge plate of fresh fruit. I am not comfortable taking pictures of my food in public yet. I could not believe how many people had danish and soda for breakfast!!! Then went back for seconds!

For lunch they had salad, creamy pasta, and pizza. I had two huge plates of salad and a tiny tiny piece of pizza because I was so hungry and knew we would not be out until 4:30. I got super dizzy shortly after eating. But so far other than the HUGE pimple on my chin, no other adverse effects.

After class I was starving, they had afternoon snacks of brownies and peanut butter cookies, neither of which I eat anyways. So I went to Yama on my way home. This is what I gotMy free treats of sprouts, both spicy and sesame, spicy cucumber, and sesame broccoli

This is a Lebanon Roll. Its a spicy tuna roll with a mayo/spicy sauce with other bits in fav
Crunch Munch roll. Its crab salad and cucumber with a sauce on it deep fried. its also very yummy.
Yummy seaweed salad!!! Love this stuff! The only problem was that I was so hungry I don't think I tasted any of these treats! Usually when we go to the restaurant we sit and chat and eat things piece by piece...well that night I think I just shoveled everything in. I was so disappointed in myself for not savoring the flavors.


I had some smore's oatmeal when I got was so yummy!!! Just what I needed to give me the boost I needed after working Thursday night

I went shopping on Friday (finally!) and made some dip! This is White Bean Dip from Giada's first cookbook!!! I love this stuff!!! Its already gone! This is what I had for dinner I'm ashamed to say!

But I made up for that with some melon drizzled with the 25 year old balsamic my parents brought back from ItalyCan you say Yum!

Cantaloupe on Foodista

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My new toy!!!

Well the other day I got myself a new little toy!! And I love it!!!

Its a Magic Bullet!!!! I made a little spot on the counter for making oatmeal and using my magic bullet.

Here are all my little packets of protein powder

And here are the makings of a smoothie

in it are...about a cup of plain low fat silk, a packet of chocolate spiru-tein, some spoonfuls of yogurt, a banana, and 1/2 teaspoon of flax meal. It was so so yummy. I was running late so I didn't get a picture of the final results, but I poured it in my little Klean Kanteen and brought it to work. Perfect for that first hunger hit at 8-9pm. I had 1/2 then and the other 1/2 in the morning for "breakfast"

Here is what I just had for dinner tonight

Its roasted veggies that are lightly roasted so more a stir-fry texture with ginger powder, onion powder, and garlic powder on them. The tofu is baked with teriyaki and glazed with Veri Veri Teriyaki on them after I baked them. It was very good and filling!!!

I have been cheating and eating small amounts of dairy. Like a couple weeks ago when I went out with my friend for sushi one of the rolls had cream cheese in it and Sunday I ate a crab rangoon. My stomach has been killing me (I had to take some medication yesterday) and I think my staph infection is coming back in my lips. I noticed last night that my checks were really really red and I am getting some ezcema in the corners of my mouth. So I guess that was a good little test for me....NO MORE DAIRY!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Big Salad and a Bento

I had yet another busy weekend. I went out with some friends Saturday night to see a band that we are friends with. Before I headed out I had an Amy's Burger with grilled pepper and onion topped with that new barbecue sauce. It was so yummy! Now I need to get more Amy's burgers...I loved them!!!

Sunday the girls and I got up really late only to find out that Rally practice had been pushed up to 2pm. We had to leave in 1/2 hour!!! So I shoveled in a bowel of oats with Barney Butter (Holy Yum by the way!) and left. We didn't get back home until 5 and I didn't feel like cooking so I ordered in Chinese. I got a pupu platter for one and an order of General Tso's Chicken. I also got some Hot and Sour Soup

They put tofu in the soup instead of was perfect!

Last night for work I made a bento out of the leftovers....

I haven't Bentoed in so long...I forgot how fun it is!! It was the perfect sized meal to go with a nice salad I got from the store at work.

Tonight before work I made a bowel of oats and added a new item I picked up yesterday

They made the oats a little bit crunchy! I needed to add milk, but I was a little foggy from not getting much sleep today.

I also picked myself up a new little toy yesterday. I will post about it tomorrow. I'm off to make spaghetti and salad for dinner tonight!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Phew What a Week!

The last week and a half was a tough one. I worked 4 out of 5 nights and will never ever do it again. On the day in between I had to get my car serviced so I didn't even get to sleep that day. But I did get to go to GNC and was given these by the young man working there

I was talking to him about how I keep loosing weight because of the medication I'm on for migraines and he suggested these. He threw them into my purchase for no charge for me to try. How nice huh!!

Then after three more nights of working...the first night when I learned that someone stole my shoes from the locker room at work, I got woke up to find these in my mailbox!

I was very excited!!! I have yet to try them yet...I'm about to make some oats and put one of the packets in there.

Monday night I was having a desire for shrimp, so I went to the Co-op for some large shrimp and had shrimp cocktail! I didn't take a picture because I was starved, but it was so good. I made my own cocktail sauce with just horseradish and ketchup, I made it to my own hotness (is that a word?). I also bought a new sauce to try...can't wait because it looks so yummy!

Wednesday I went to work and all was good until I came home Thursday morning and found that my next door neighbor's house burned all up. It is devastating. I was shocked and couldn't sleep all day Thursday, but had to go back to work. I wasn't really into eating much...especially since my kitchen looks right over to her house. Its very hard to see.

Well yesterday I woke up to the post man bringing me a package from Vitacost. In it was...

andI have been wanting to try Hemp Protein so I thought the first place to go was a sample pack. I haven't tried any of the hemp products yet, but I just had a tropical Spiru-tein shake with soy milk and I mixed it in the blender bottle that came in the sample pack and it was so yummy! It mixed much better than my previous experiences with this product.