Monday, March 30, 2009

What a long weekend!

Phew!!! It was my weekend on to work and it was a long one! Three nights in a row sometimes is good, sometimes it kills me!! But now I have a few days off!!! EXCEPT....I just woke up with a very sore throat!!! Hope it's very short lived and I'm not sick the whole time I'm off!

I had the Sundried Tomato Quinoa for two of the nights I worked, it was so good and filling! Last night I also brought a single Wholly Guacamole and chips, and of course pickles (I love love love any kind of pickles!)

This morning I had to stop at the Co-op on my way home from work because I was out of yogurt for the doggies. My little Stella is on anti-fungal medicine for a nasty yeasty beasty ear infection and needs the yogurt so the medicine doesn't kill her tummy. While I was there I picked up some goods for myself.

I got some vanilla oat milk to try, a strawberry shortcake protein mix to make a smoothie with, some coconut milk yogurt that my co-op finally started to carry...they were out of pina colada so I got mango passion fruit and chocolate, and I got a bunch of larabars and a luna bar (my boxer is named Luna...but not after the bars!).

I can't wait to try the yogurt! I really really dislike soy yogurt so I haven't been eating any at all. I used to eat yogurt every day before I started being dairy free. I can't believe how expensive they were, but if that is how I will get probiotics, then its totally worth it!

I guess its miso soup for dinner since I don't feel well and my throat is killing me. Then its time to play with our new clicker for doggie training!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hope today is better!

Yesterday was not a good day. Probably because I had to go to the dentist!! But I had a stomach ache all day long. I had my quick breakfast of sprouted bread and mighty maple peanut butter and coffee before heading out the door to my parents for the day. I made a protein shake too...which was Spiru-Tein Chai Latte and plain Silk....well let me tell you, those two do not mix, it was all clumpy. I didn't have enough time to mix them in the blender so I used my little frother and that didn't help either. So I poured everything in my small Klean Kanteen and added more Silk and left with two oranges and the dogs. I didn't even drink it, but brought it back home and will make a smoothie out of it later today with a banana and other goodies.

For lunch my mom and I took my blind grammie out to Newick's a seafood place that is bad bad bad. I felt like being awful and had fried clams (also could have added to the sore belly). On the way out I saw a very yummy looking fresh salad in the case and had bad buyers remorse!!! I so should have gotten that!!! Then for dinner we had BBQ chicken, tater tots, a small dish of peas, and olives...welcome to dinner at my parents, all meat and hardly any veggies. I came home after that and layed on the couch the rest of the night catching up on TiVo.

Today is much much better though!!! I slept until 12:30 because I have to work tonight. But right now I have a pile of veggies roasting in the oven!!! They smell so so so good!!! I have mushroom pasta from The Eat-Clean Diet cookbook in my fridge and the makings of Sundried Tomato Quinoa on my counter!!!

Well today is MUCH better!! I just got the phone call to wait to come into work until 11pm instead of 7pm!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! And I made my smoothie out of my failed protein shake and lone came out great and was very filling. I guess I will only use those protein mixes for smoothies now.

My Quinoa came out great too! I had to try some, but after having the whole smoothie I should have waited...I'm so stuffed right now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its been a month!!!

Well I had meant to update before now!! Geez time got away from me!

Its been about a month now since I have gone dairy free and things are starting to go very well. My scalp and facial eczema are finally starting to clear up. My acne is also clearing up...wooohooo!!! Very limited abdominal pain and no intestinal back up either for a month, that in and of itself has made me feel great!!!!

I'm using my Go Dairy Free book a ton for great tips and ideas for meals and snacks. I have great will power too. And I have gotten great at asking for what a need when eating out, it has never been a problem. I usually just get salad for lunch anyhow so it is a matter of not having cheese and croutons and getting dairy free dressing.