Friday, March 27, 2009

Hope today is better!

Yesterday was not a good day. Probably because I had to go to the dentist!! But I had a stomach ache all day long. I had my quick breakfast of sprouted bread and mighty maple peanut butter and coffee before heading out the door to my parents for the day. I made a protein shake too...which was Spiru-Tein Chai Latte and plain Silk....well let me tell you, those two do not mix, it was all clumpy. I didn't have enough time to mix them in the blender so I used my little frother and that didn't help either. So I poured everything in my small Klean Kanteen and added more Silk and left with two oranges and the dogs. I didn't even drink it, but brought it back home and will make a smoothie out of it later today with a banana and other goodies.

For lunch my mom and I took my blind grammie out to Newick's a seafood place that is bad bad bad. I felt like being awful and had fried clams (also could have added to the sore belly). On the way out I saw a very yummy looking fresh salad in the case and had bad buyers remorse!!! I so should have gotten that!!! Then for dinner we had BBQ chicken, tater tots, a small dish of peas, and olives...welcome to dinner at my parents, all meat and hardly any veggies. I came home after that and layed on the couch the rest of the night catching up on TiVo.

Today is much much better though!!! I slept until 12:30 because I have to work tonight. But right now I have a pile of veggies roasting in the oven!!! They smell so so so good!!! I have mushroom pasta from The Eat-Clean Diet cookbook in my fridge and the makings of Sundried Tomato Quinoa on my counter!!!

Well today is MUCH better!! I just got the phone call to wait to come into work until 11pm instead of 7pm!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! And I made my smoothie out of my failed protein shake and lone came out great and was very filling. I guess I will only use those protein mixes for smoothies now.

My Quinoa came out great too! I had to try some, but after having the whole smoothie I should have waited...I'm so stuffed right now!

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