Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week Two...Finally time to post

Well the first week went really well. I found some soy yogurt and figured out which was good...whole soy and co, and some which was bad...stonyfield (which is funny because that was the only milk yogurt I ate!). All that week I felt great! My stomach was excellent, my nose wasn't stuffy and the mucus in the back of my throat was gone!!! Amazing!!! I was thrilled. I told my mom and she felt so bad that she sort of did this to me.

Well this past week I had an accident. I thought I would have a carnation instant breakfast for dessert before bed one night. I drank 1/2 of it, then read the ingredients...its made with milk!!! I had mixed it with soy milk...but that didn't even matter!!!! Oh dear was I so sick for the rest of the week!!! Thank goodness one of the Drs at work wrote me a script for miralax because I sure needed it!!! I was in so much pain and so bloated I looked pregnant!! I learned my lesson there.

Last night was the first night I went out to dinner since I have started this. We went to an Italian restaurant. I got Salmon with lemons on it. It was on a bed of pasta with red sauce. But came with a family style salad for the table. The salad was covered with shredded cheese. My sister made fun of me saying "uh oh, now what are you going to do?" Well...we passed the whole salad around the table and I took from the bottom of the bowl where there was no cheese. This is going to be harder than I thought. My dad is totally not supportive at all, telling me the whole thing about cheese is an old wives tale. I guess I will have to really sit down and explain everything to him.

I'm going to totally start over this week with my no dairy experiment and see how I feel. I got the uncheese cookbook and the Dairy free book should be coming tomorrow.

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