Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eats

Well my family was not here for Easter. My parents were in Rome. Yep thats right, Rome. They decided to stay in yesterday though because there were people everywhere. They saw all the people at the Vatican on TV and didn't go out! They did call me though and wish me a Happy Easter.

Here is what I have been eating this weekend with my sore lips!

On Friday I took my grammie out for lunch at her favorite spot, The Longhorn Steakhouse. She had the chop steak, which I had to cut for her (and stole a piece...benefits of her being blind!) and it was very good, she chose the steamed vegetables for her side...very good choice! I had the Salmon over a toss salad "hold the cheese and croutons please" with honey mustard dressing (I know that doesn't have dairy because I emailed them and asked).

Then Friday night for dinner I made a very nice stir-fry with cubed tofu (came that way) and Very Very Teryaki Sauce (I love that stuff). As usual I forgot to make any rice or rice noodles to have my stir-fry over!

Saturday when I woke up my lips were really sore and I didn't feel well at all. I think I had a fever from the infection. So there was no breakfast, unless you could the two spelt flats I had with my antibiotics.

By lunch time I felt much better so I made an Amy's Texas Burger on my grill pan and put it between two slices of sprouted bread with lettuce and mayo and chili sauce. The problem with me is I like spicy food, thanks to my mom having us eat it at a very early age, but right now my lips don't like it at all!

For dinner I made BBQ Baked Tofu and Roasted Purple Potatoes. They were so good. I was unsure how I would like the tofu because I have texture issues with it and usually have it in stir-fry and can eat it with a crunchy veggie, but it was pretty good! The potatoes had a flavor that was creamy and rich. I loved them!

I went all out yesterday for my own Easter. My sister was doing stuff with her boyfriend and as I said before my parents are in Rome. For breakfast I had Tofu scramble with the left over potatoes. In my scramble I put the last of a red pepper and an onion. I used silken tofu for it for the first time and it was much better than my other attempts

Then for lunch I made some Lower Fat Banana Loaf from Veganomicon...except I added walnuts and made them into muffins because I love muffins!!! They are so so so good!

I thought we had doggie classes, but after driving there, I figured out we didn't! Oh well, the girls and I got to go for a ride. Stella did great in the car, she has issues from her transport from Tenn.

For dinner last night I had leftover BBQ Tofu..I thought if my parents were home my dad would have smoked brisket for Easter anyhow, so its not that far off! I made a baked sweet potato to go with my tofu and put Earth Balance and maple syrup on it

On Friday I got the results of Stella's blood DNA test the vet did on her. It says she is Cocker Spaniel and Whippet. This explains why she wants to kill all the cats the next door neighbor feeds. Whippets kill cats and other small wildlife! She met my sisters cat thursday and it went horribly...we had to make separate places for them in the house. But I make her hunt for her dinner with puzzle toys, she gets so I know why! The saliva test lab doesn't have Whippet in their database, guess thats why they said she was beagle.

I got my first issue of Vegetarian Times today, I can't wait to read it!

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