Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flavors of the Valley

I went to a food expo today! It was quite interesting! Flavors of the Valley

When you walked in you got a bag, little plate, and fork

I walked around and tasted lots of yummy bits of food. I think my favorite was the chicken and apple salad. I also got to taste lots of free range meats including Emu!!
I got some little plants
I'm not sure what these are, but I got a lot of them (including a lady bug!)
A little Dill plant

And I bought some local raw, unprocessed honey that is fantastic!

Here is my bag full of all the literature and my little treats! Oh and my Viola that a man gave me

Even though it was really crowded, I had a great time see what we have up here in the Upper Valley in NH and VT for eats and produce!

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