Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yama Food and a Smoothie

Here is a smoothie I made with some gross Rice yogurt and soy protein powder
I added in some frozen raspberries and oat milk to get it to look like this
It was yummy! I bought the yogurt with the purpose of making a smoothie with it. I would never eat it on its own. I need to make more smoothies!
Last night I got Yama food for the second night in a row. Its a Korean/Japanese restaurant by the hospital where I work. Since I went to Flavors yesterday I drove right by it. I had to stop and get take out. I got different things than when I went Monday with my friends.
You get little treats for free and they are different every day...I got these yesterday

I also got a sushi roll called a Dartmouth Roll. In it is spicy salmon, avocado, and tempura flakes. On top are bonito flakes. Its so yummy!

For my actual dinner I got a Korean dish called Japchae. Its glass sweat potato noodles and I chose the veggie option. They are so so good! They look a little weird though.
I love Yama and could eat there several times a week. Good thing it's 40 minutes away from my house! Its a special treat!

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