Friday, May 1, 2009

Phew What a Week!

The last week and a half was a tough one. I worked 4 out of 5 nights and will never ever do it again. On the day in between I had to get my car serviced so I didn't even get to sleep that day. But I did get to go to GNC and was given these by the young man working there

I was talking to him about how I keep loosing weight because of the medication I'm on for migraines and he suggested these. He threw them into my purchase for no charge for me to try. How nice huh!!

Then after three more nights of working...the first night when I learned that someone stole my shoes from the locker room at work, I got woke up to find these in my mailbox!

I was very excited!!! I have yet to try them yet...I'm about to make some oats and put one of the packets in there.

Monday night I was having a desire for shrimp, so I went to the Co-op for some large shrimp and had shrimp cocktail! I didn't take a picture because I was starved, but it was so good. I made my own cocktail sauce with just horseradish and ketchup, I made it to my own hotness (is that a word?). I also bought a new sauce to try...can't wait because it looks so yummy!

Wednesday I went to work and all was good until I came home Thursday morning and found that my next door neighbor's house burned all up. It is devastating. I was shocked and couldn't sleep all day Thursday, but had to go back to work. I wasn't really into eating much...especially since my kitchen looks right over to her house. Its very hard to see.

Well yesterday I woke up to the post man bringing me a package from Vitacost. In it was...

andI have been wanting to try Hemp Protein so I thought the first place to go was a sample pack. I haven't tried any of the hemp products yet, but I just had a tropical Spiru-tein shake with soy milk and I mixed it in the blender bottle that came in the sample pack and it was so yummy! It mixed much better than my previous experiences with this product.

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