Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Big Salad and a Bento

I had yet another busy weekend. I went out with some friends Saturday night to see a band that we are friends with. Before I headed out I had an Amy's Burger with grilled pepper and onion topped with that new barbecue sauce. It was so yummy! Now I need to get more Amy's burgers...I loved them!!!

Sunday the girls and I got up really late only to find out that Rally practice had been pushed up to 2pm. We had to leave in 1/2 hour!!! So I shoveled in a bowel of oats with Barney Butter (Holy Yum by the way!) and left. We didn't get back home until 5 and I didn't feel like cooking so I ordered in Chinese. I got a pupu platter for one and an order of General Tso's Chicken. I also got some Hot and Sour Soup

They put tofu in the soup instead of pork...it was perfect!

Last night for work I made a bento out of the leftovers....

I haven't Bentoed in so long...I forgot how fun it is!! It was the perfect sized meal to go with a nice salad I got from the store at work.

Tonight before work I made a bowel of oats and added a new item I picked up yesterday

They made the oats a little bit crunchy! I needed to add milk, but I was a little foggy from not getting much sleep today.

I also picked myself up a new little toy yesterday. I will post about it tomorrow. I'm off to make spaghetti and salad for dinner tonight!

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