Thursday, May 28, 2009

No pic post

I have been feeling really bad the past couple of days. Boo! I finally went to the Dr's today and found out I have a sinus infection. I went all winter and didn't get sick, now I get a staph infection in my lips and a sinus infection!

Anyhow, I have been just munching on weird stuff the past few days. Lots of popsicles and lemon tea mostly.

Today to go to the Dr's I had to go to my parents because that is where all my Dr's are. I got up and got ready and made a spiru-tein blueberry's n cream smoothie with soy milk (which I'm drinking now, hehe) and threw my Element bar in my bag. I ate the bar in the car. I couldn't taste anything so I'm not really sure how it was. I think I like Larabars better though. I should custom make some Element bars and see how those are.

This afternoon after the walk in center (my Dr's office couldn't get me in so I had to go there), my mom brought me to Moe's for lunch. It was so yummy, they are my favorite sandwiches. We just go in and say "One of mine please" and one of mine is a full veggie, no cheese (always been that way since I was little), with extra olives and spicy oil! YUMMY!!

I snoozed on the couch in the afternoon. My mom picked my sister up from school and brought her to their house since her car was in the shop, so I got to see her for a while. We are going out this Saturday night! When my dad got home he wanted to go out to dinner and wanted Outback. So we went there and I got the Outback Special with a salad (forgot to ask for no cheese or head is all full of snot for crying out loud) and fresh steamed veggies. It was pretty good.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll be back to normal feeling and taking pictures and back to normal eating again. My friend said this is just what I be sick, not eating and loosing more weight! But my pina colada spiru-tein should be arriving tomorrow...YAY!!!

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