Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Week!

This past week has been very busy. I worked two nights and had a class in the middle. Switching my schedule around like that is very hard. It makes me very tired because my body doesn't know what way is up!

I worked Monday night and made a salad and some pasta for dinner for work. I didn't really have a chance to eat anything though because I was really busy with a difficult patient.

This pasta was easy:
  • garlic
  • onion
  • diced tomato
  • capers

I didn't get to eat my salad until I got home in the morning. I had it with my favorite Annie's Woodstock Dressing!


I wasn't hungry Tuesday at all. I just had a baked sweet potato for dinner. I had to get up early because I had to go to bed early so I could get up early for class.


I had class Wednesday. It was at the hotel across the street from the hospital and the hotel supplied us with the food. I had made myself a smoothie before I left. It was spiru-tien chocolate and banana with soy milk...I was running late so didn't take a picture. But they had a full breakfast. I had a huge plate of fresh fruit. I am not comfortable taking pictures of my food in public yet. I could not believe how many people had danish and soda for breakfast!!! Then went back for seconds!

For lunch they had salad, creamy pasta, and pizza. I had two huge plates of salad and a tiny tiny piece of pizza because I was so hungry and knew we would not be out until 4:30. I got super dizzy shortly after eating. But so far other than the HUGE pimple on my chin, no other adverse effects.

After class I was starving, they had afternoon snacks of brownies and peanut butter cookies, neither of which I eat anyways. So I went to Yama on my way home. This is what I gotMy free treats of sprouts, both spicy and sesame, spicy cucumber, and sesame broccoli

This is a Lebanon Roll. Its a spicy tuna roll with a mayo/spicy sauce with other bits in fav
Crunch Munch roll. Its crab salad and cucumber with a sauce on it deep fried. its also very yummy.
Yummy seaweed salad!!! Love this stuff! The only problem was that I was so hungry I don't think I tasted any of these treats! Usually when we go to the restaurant we sit and chat and eat things piece by piece...well that night I think I just shoveled everything in. I was so disappointed in myself for not savoring the flavors.


I had some smore's oatmeal when I got was so yummy!!! Just what I needed to give me the boost I needed after working Thursday night

I went shopping on Friday (finally!) and made some dip! This is White Bean Dip from Giada's first cookbook!!! I love this stuff!!! Its already gone! This is what I had for dinner I'm ashamed to say!

But I made up for that with some melon drizzled with the 25 year old balsamic my parents brought back from ItalyCan you say Yum!

Cantaloupe on Foodista


  1. Beautiful pictures and all look so yummy!

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