Saturday, May 23, 2009

I did a bad bad, very bad thing

I ate dairy. I went to Grand Rounds Wednesday morning to listen to a visiting professor talk about pediatric ethics. Well then I had 3 hours to kill before she talked again at noon conference. So what are two nurses to do...why go into Hanover (where Dartmouth college is) and go out to breakfast of course! I decided to go balls to the walls and get the breakfast quesadilla, it had sausage, peppers, salsa, eggs, guacamole, and....cheese and sour cream!!! I know I should have asked for no cheese or sour cream...but for some reason I didn't.

Well...Then we mulled around Hanover in the little shops for a while. We ended up in the Dartmouth bookstore looking at books. I really thought we were going to either have to camp out there for a while or go back to the hospital so I could use the bathroom in the PICU. But I made it and we went back on time.

By the time we got back to the hospital I was so sick to my stomach and thought I was going to throw up. We went to the PICU and I got ginger ale. At the noon conference they had pizza for all the doctors and water. I grabbed a water. I couldn't even think about eating anything because my stomach felt so bad!

When I got home I had plans to go join the gym, but I had to take a nap because I just felt so awful! I slept until 4 then got up to feed the dogs. I still didn't feel like eating anything.

At about 5:30 I figured I should make something to eat so I made this

Oven roasted zucchini and barbecue beans. They were just enough to make my poor tummy feel full without making it more upset. The combo was quite tasty too!

I am never ever eating dairy again! This was a good lesson for me and a good challenge too.

Oh did I mention the huge cystic acne that seems to have developed on my chin again since Wednesday? I mean I have one cyst that takes up almost my whole chin plus three others. Yeah...not happy about that either!

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  1. Oh no, how horible! At least the memory is some serious motivation to stay the course. When the punishment far exceeds the reward, the reward definitely loses enticement.