Saturday, June 27, 2009

CSA week 2

I got my second week of veggies today. Here they are!

As I mentioned before they are beet greens, radishes, snap peas that are almost gone now, big ass bag of spinach, popcorn, and lettuce.

I am out of Green Monster supplies and its killing me. I've gone 2 days now without one and I seriously think I'm going through withdrawls! Tomorrow I'm going to go get more bananas. Here is the last one that I had

Last night I went out to dinner. I didn't take pictures because it was a first date and I didn't want to go into the whole blog thing. Plus I'm not exactly comfortable taking pictures in public yet. I had salmon over tempura green beans over soba noodles in a soy sauce glaze. It was so good. My dining partner had steak tips with barbecue sauce with mashed potatoes. He said his was really good too.

Then we went to see The Hangover. That is where I saw an Operation Beautiful note in the bathroom! I was so excited! When I got home I emailed Caitlin and she was so excited that someone found a note! She is going to post my email tomorrow for the Orlando newspaper to see!

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  1. I'm out of bananas for green smoothies too! What a bummer!