Thursday, June 18, 2009

The First CSA Pick UP!

Well Yesterday was the first CSA pick up for me! I was so so excited and I couldn't even go. My mom and my sister went to get my goods for me. My CSA consists of 6 different farms who are all organic. I am not sure if you know which farm your veggies come from, I'll have to ask my mom to pay attention next week when she goes. So the system they have is go in and check your name off the list and then walk down the aisles and take one of each thing. You bring your own tote bags for carry out, its very environmentally friendly too, which I like.

I met my sister today when she was getting her hair done to pick up my goods, this week it worked out perfectly! Oh you can also get a bread share, which I did for my parents as a thank you for pick up my stuff. This week it was a light honey rye which my dad liked very much with his dinner tonight.

This week I got Bok Choy, these funny little garlic that look like scallions, a huge bag of spinach (hello green monsters), and two bags of salad green. I guess I had a choice with one of the greens of the greens and radishes and they picked the greens for me. My sister took some of the spinach and the mixed salad greens, she didn't think I would go through it all in a week. I told her the spinach would only last me a few days!!! I also got these beauties! They taste like candy!!! I can't wait to have them with the balsamic that my parents brought back from Italy! Its been so cold and rainy here, not good weather for strawberries, but these look good huh! I am trying to hold myself back from eating them all in about 5 minutes!

Everyone also got a potted herb so my mom picked a basil plant for me! This was in place of the herbs for the week. I can't wait to plant it outside!!! We are also supposed to get tomatoes every week, but again since its been freezing and raining, they haven't been growing so none this week. I'm sure as it warms up I'll be getting more and more each week. I made this simple salad tonight for dinner. Its the left over salsa chicken from earlier this week over the mixed salad greens dressed very simply with salt and oil. That was my favorite way we had salad in Italy, you can really taste the greens that way. They were very fresh tasting, a bit spicy and a little grassy, very good!

I'm on call for work tonight because we only have 4 kids in the unit. So I have this waiting for me at work with some hummus

We got sushi last night. We convinced the boss man to go get it for us! It was so yummy!

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  1. OK.... YOUR CSA doesn't look so bad at all.... In fact those strawberries looks GREAT! I always envisioned CSAs giving you bruised fruit with bugs in it!! I'm the girl at the grocery store who picks up EVERY apple to make sure it's not dented. I guess I'm a fruit and veggie snob! But after seeing your stuff I'm not so sure my thoughts were correct!!!