Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miss Smarty Pants

Today I slept half the day because I have to work tonight. When I got up I had a Green Monster of course! Speaking of Green Monsters...Check out N Her Shoes for an Amazing Grass Giveaway! I hope I win because I so want to try Amazing Grass!!!
Before dinner tonight, which was left over stir fry, I decided to make the most of my time today so I wouldn't have to rush around the next two nights before work. I made three salads, figured if I was chopping for one how much harder would it be to chop for three? I also grilled some chicken for them.
I used up almost the rest of my CSA greens. There was a head of Boston Lettuce in there and while I was cleaning it I thought that it would make great lettuce wraps for something. I hope I get some again so I can make a meal that needs lettuce wraps!
I also made some Zucchini canoes, I realized I totally forgot to take a picture of the final product, so I'll have to make them again sometime if they come out ok. I kind of flew by the seat of my pants on the recipe! With those and my salad, I also have two slices of bread with some Barney Butter and some Tings. Hopefully that will all hold me over!
Last night I was playing with my camera. I use a point and shoot. Its an Olympus Stylus 600. I like it ok, it has lots of options. I usually use the "cuisine" option to photograph my food because it works the best. For some reason without a flash everything comes out blurry...this is an extreme
I mean she was just laying on the couch not moving at all, and I don't think I was moving that much!
So I figured what if I use the "reducing blur" option and this is what came out
I have been thinking of getting a new camera. Mine is kind of old, I got it when I got Miss Luna and she will be 4 next week. I have no idea what to get though! Maybe I will see if I can borrow my mom or my sisters SLRs sometime and see how those work out!

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