Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend was Father's Day. Yesterday I went to a baseball game with my parents. I had a hot dog with my father. It was alright until the migraine last night!
For dinner after the soggy game we had steak tips, shrimp on the barbie, peas and onions, and potatoes cooked in foil (mine had olive oil instead of butter). It was all very yummy!

Saturday I slept all day after working Friday night. Of course I had a Green Monster when I got up. I tried something new though, I put my GoodBelly in the smoothie and it was so good! The peachy mango flavor definitely added a little something, I'm glad I thought of that! I wish my Co-op carried the big containers of Goodbelly too!
Saturday night when I felt up to eating something I made this salad. It used up the first bag of salad greens from my CSA

I wanted some protein so I used up the last two hard boiled eggs in my fridge. It was yummy with my new go to dressing of ACV, salt, pepper, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil! I also made a little something else, but that is for a whole new post.

Friday night (boy this post is going backwards huh!) I made this salad before work

Look refreshing huh! Too bad it isn't even hot here! It hasn't gotten above 70 in weeks! And all its doing is raining! Anyhow, this is salad greens, spinach, cuke, scallion (the biggest ones I have ever seen), and mint. And of course my go to dressing. I also had the left over pork tenderloin that I had made earlier this week, it wasn't very good the second time around though.

I am very sad to say that my strawberries are gone. They were very good, I can't wait to see if I get more this week!

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