Friday, June 12, 2009

Ugh, work was hard

I have found that work is very very hard for me. We talked my boss into going to grab us dinner Wednesday night, so I had that instead of my salad (and the idiots put cheese on mine even though we asked then not to...I was not feeling well in the morning...I had tried to scrape most of it off). Then last night I was feeling munchy and went to the store in the hospital and got a bag of pretzels...but thankfully they didn't taste good so I didn't eat them! Yay me!

Before work last night I had a yummy bowl of oats with spiru-tein Pina Colada powder, banana chips, and a kiwi (I haven't had a kiwi in years!)
This with my green monster kept me full for hours!

Tonight I had a salad and the rest of my left over Baja Lime tilapia that I made on Tuesday. Then I had some toast with Cashew butter (was on sale at the Co-Op this morning) and 3 organic figs
I'm going out tonight so I hope this all holds me over! I felt like it was a lot of food when I was eating it.

I also went to the gym 3 times this week and walked on the treadmill! Today I almost fell off though because some guy got on next to me and started boxing! It was very distracting...I will have to make sure that I go when the place is empty in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow I will try and made a nice post about the new skin care products that I got for my face. I am in love!!!

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