Sunday, June 14, 2009

Juice Beauty-A skin post

I have really bad skin. When I was born I had eczema. My mom couldn't give me a full real bath for the first several months of my life. She had to use Cetaphil on me and wipe it off or else my skin would just get so irritated and crack and bleed. I continued my whole childhood with eczema on my face around my mouth.
I never washed my face until I got to college. I probably should have never started! Then I started getting cystic acne on my chin. It was such a pain and really embarrassing. It still has never gone away. Everything the derm gives me for it makes my face really angry and red and peeling/burning. So last year I went back to Clinique and asked them about their new redness reducing line. I tried it with their emergency gel for acne for my chin. It worked. My skin never looked so good! Until a couple weeks ago when it was back to burning/peeling and red. So I decided to try something new....

Juice Beauty!!! And can I say that in the few days that I have been using the products I LOVE them!!!! There is already a huge difference in my skin. The first time I used them, I swear my face went "Ahhhh"

This facial wash is actually soothing. It doesn't suds up, which is a little different, but that is probably why it feels to good. Before after washing my face it felt so dry even in the short time til I got the cream on it, but not when I use this!!

I put this on my chin. Just one drop is all it takes! So far it doesn't burn or make my skin red. It actually feels cooling when I rub it in! My scars are already fading and I have only been using this twice a day since Thursday night!

This was a little different for me. I have never used a concentrate before...always thick creams and a lot of them. But this I use one-two squirts and warm it in my palms then rub it in. I was unsure about using something that looked like olive oil on my face, but it feels so good and my skin has never ever looked so good! It feels so refreshed and moisturized after I put this on!I used this mask on Friday. You can use it three times a week. I used it when I got out of the shower while I was getting dressed, then I rinsed it off and put on the moisturizer. This felt good too! Like any other mask I could feel it tightening up and pulling the crap out of my pores, but it didn't make my skin dry like all the others I have tried. I indeed plan on using it three times a week!

All in all I wasn't sure if I would like this stuff. I ordered it from Sephoria so I could return it if I needed to, but that is not going to happen!!! I am even thinking about getting some of their sunscreen daily lotion! I also told my sister to pick out a couple of things and I would get them for her for her b-day (which was in April..Oh well).

I have to share what was going on in the other room while I was taking the pictures of my products....

Silly Nuts!!!

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  1. Gosh, that sounds terrible! I am so glad you finally found something, organic is the way to go! I'm a huge fan of Juice Beauty too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the USDA Organic Moisture Concentrate that you mentioned, I bought mine at Sephora.

    Hope that others find luck just as we have!