Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally feeling better!!! Woo Hoo!!!

This weekend I was miserable in that I was super busy and stayed at my parents all while still sick. Saturday night I went out with my sister and got a couple of cute shirts and a t-shirt dress...all were on sale, gotta love that! Then we went to dinner and both got chicken fingers and fries!!! Oh for shame, for shame!! They did come with salad though...a tiny salad...haha!!!

Sunday the doggies had a Rally Obedience Match. They did pretty well. I had made a spiru-tein smoothie, larabar, and banana on the way to the match and was still hungry when we got home at 10:30! Then I had the rest of my chicken from the night before! Even more shameful I had a hot dog that my parents were having! My dad smoked ribs for dinner, they were so so good!! We also had scallops on the grill and italian green beans with garlic. The dinner was so delicious!

Monday I had a Green Monster for breakfast of course. I love them and can't get enough! I also made these muffins Sunday night when I got home

They are Banana Wheat Germ Muffins from Veganomicon. They are really good! I ran out of cinnamon so I use cardamon for a substitute and it worked!

For lunch I had the pasta salad my mom made Sunday and sent home with me. I'm not a fan of green peppers, but oh well, I ate them anyways

Tuesday I had to work, so I slept in the morning. When I got up around 11 I made a green monster of course!
Spinach, banana, avocado, soy milk, ice cubes, pina colada spiru-tein...YUMMY!!!

For a lite lunchish meal I made egg salad in pitasI used Wickles (spicy pickles) and scallions and grape seed oil Vegonaise for the egg salad! It is so good! The pitas are omega plus with flax (or something like that!)

Before work I made the best oats in the world....Tropical Oats!!!
Oats, Kashi grains, pina colada spiru-tein, banana chips, and a mango...holy tasty! This will be a common occurrence because they were so so so good!!! I was so full but sad to see my bowl empty! And they held me over for such a long time...until about 11pm! At which time I had this salad...

I went to the Co-op this morning on my way home from work. I got some GoodBelly's They were on sale plus I had a buy one get one free I got three packs, two peach mango and one blueberry. I tried the blueberry when I got home...pretty good.

I also got this to have when I got homeI had never had a tamale before. I was sort of expecting it to be thinner, but it still had good flavor.
The salsa verde was good and the rice was good too. This would be a good frozen dinner for when I'm in a pinch for time. I'm pretty sure I would eat it again.

After a nap this morning I had a Green Monster. Then I convinced myself to go to the gym!!! First time...WOOHOO!!! I rode the reclined bike for half and hour. My bum knee wasn't too happy about it, but that just means that I need to make my leg stronger. I thought about walking on the treadmill, but I have never been on one and don't even know how to start it. So I thought when I go in tomorrow to learn the weight machines I can ask them to show me the treadmill too! How silly huh!

Dinner tonight was so so good! At the Co-op I found these kabobs already made up and marinated. I got chicken teriyaki. I ended up taking everything apart though on the grill pan because it was so uneven that things were not cooking. But it turned out so so good! The chicken was so juicy! I usually don't like chicken, this might just change my mind!
I also had a salad after dinner like we do in Italy! It feels so good to eat the greens after dinner.

After you read this awfully long post (I'm going to try and post more was hard being so sick) you should head over to Keep It Simple Foods for the Sunshine Burgers Giveaway!

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